What are Progressive Web Apps? Why Businesses Should Include this in Mobile App Strategy?

So what is next in Mobile Web? It is indeed Progressive Apps. The future of Mobile Webs is Progressive Web Apps. So the name does sound promising, so will be the experience for the users as well as the mobile developers. But, many of us are new to the idea, so here I am sharing the introduction to Progressive Web Apps.

What are Progressive Apps?

The web applications that use the best and the latest technologies are considered as progressive apps. They are more or less like progressive music. They are web pages/ website that use modern web capabilities to deliver an app like user experience.

Progressive apps offer a combination of the functionality of modern browser with experience of mobile apps. Here, no app store is in the picture. They load faster to your app, work offline and also push notifications.


So Why Does Your Business Need to Consider PWS in Mobile App Strategy?

Let’s be a precise about what we are trying to say here. Gone are the days when it is going to be about Mobile Apps. We will soon require browser mobile web apps. That’s like the best of both worlds. You must have come across apps like they are Iconic and Cordova, they are run uninhibited in the native app environment, just like the native app.

When you find a user finds a native progressive app, they can access it easily by surpassing the hassle of downloading and the installation stages. If the user comes back to the application, the app will prompt the user to download for full screen experience.

A progressive app offers better user retention and overall performance. Here, the cost of maintenance of the mobile app is also reduced. Many businesses are considering this in their strategy and mobile app development services are also recommending progressive apps to their patrons.

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What are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

1. Linkable

This is very close to web applications; these web apps will use the URL to indicate the state of the applications. This will help in retaining and reloading the state when the URL is shared with another user.

2. Responsive

Of course, it is a new age app, it has to device friendly. It also adapts to various screen sizes offering extremely convenient user experiences. And it will be compatible with whatever is coming next!

3. Progressive

Going by the name, yes it is progressive. It works on any device and makes the most of that device. This means that it takes performs good with device and its capabilities.

4. Discoverable

It is a web app which is like a website with a URL, anyone can view it anytime and anywhere. It can be discovered like a website on a browser and even downloaded for a better user experience and further discovery. This definitely makes it stand out from the mobile apps currently.

5. Safety

As progressive apps use service workers, it is thus hosted over HTTPS. And so it prevents the app from all the threats. The app is intercepted through service networks.

6. Offline Connectivity

Your apps that are progressive apps, will work even when offline. So your users may not necessarily have internet to use a certain app.

Web is the Future of Apps

We can already see that today many web technologies are using web technologies for mobile app development. Also, expert of exclusive Mobile App Development Company suggest using latest front end technologies for mobile app development. This saves time and offers greater computability along with scalability.

Soon, we will see progressive apps and the technologies offering features for cross platform development and development in iOS, Android and Windows. And we will take mobile development to a whole new level. The time has arrived when businesses and users will see mobile apps and its use in the new light. Hopefully, soon because we all waiting to explore apps without having to download them on our phones.

We offer mobile app development services and we have started to build and train our Progressive web app development team for the future. We hope you are ready? Let us help you build your mobile app strategy, get in touch today: We shall help you get the best of both worlds.

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