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NFC – The Technology Driving Event Businesses

Events are one of the biggest risks in business because everything happens live! You know there is a little that you can do in case something goes wrong. But, yes of course it is one of those businesses that give you the thrill. But, the fact is there goes much behind that thrilling experience.

However, technology has helped event businesses to evaluate the uncertainties and implement successful and engaging event experiences. In this digital age, events like conferences, seminars, concerts, art exhibits and others are making the most of technology by enhancing the event experiences.

mobile app development services

NFC Technology has come to your rescue. It is certainly proving a great way to improve your event implementation and management. It makes hosting easier and automates almost everything. It connects every aspect of the event with the other.

NFC is one of those technologies where event businesses have not fully realized its potential. For this reason, we are introducing this blog that tells how you can make the most of NFC technology in smartphones during events.

NFC – Near Field Communication

NFC stands forNear Field Communication”. As defined by,

“It is a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets. Contactless communication allows a user to wave the smartphones over a NFC compatible device to send information without needing to touch the devices together or go through multiple steps setting up a connection.”

So applying this to an event situation, NFC is a technology that can help you deliver timely messages while at the conference or a concert to the attendees and visitors. So, sending across notifications or event updates can be very easily done with the help of NFC. This can be done with the help of NFC enabled devices. It can also be activated by chips in badges or bands that can be given to the visitors or attendees.

NFC technology is now available across most of the smartphone brands. So, we recommend event companies to make the most of it. Let’s understand the benefits of NFC for event businesses.

Advantages of NFC in Event Organization & Management

Convenience in Check In

Gone are the days when attendees would stand in long queues for checking into an event. With the help of NFC readers, the visitors or event attendees can easily check in to the venue. It offers auto check-ins and access to particular areas to certain attendees.

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Data Collection & Tracking

Through NFC, you can also track the attendees of the event. This can prove very useful for events which are based on credit for attending the event. It can also help in collecting a database of the attendance and post event promotional activities.

As an event planner, you can collect attendee demographics with an effective software solution. It offers features like inventory control and tracking by scanning the NFC badges/ hand bands. So you have more accurate in giveaway and avoid spending more.

Engages Audience

Consult your software development experts to integrate features in your system that can help you use NFC effectively for an event. It offers Gamification features like treasure hunts or any other contests that can engage the audience. This also leads to interaction amongst the attendees/ visitors present in the event. You can keep the audience engaged with important notification of the important activities during the event.

Felicitation Becomes Easier

As an event planner, you can conduct award ceremonies and also reward attendees for special offers or on-going discounts with live updates that they can redeem at the event at the vendors counter. This can help in cross promotion and cross selling. It is a good way to upsell and earn through promotions.

Provide Curated Content

With the help of NFC technology, you can offer relevant content that can be curated for specific audience in order to improve the quality of experience at the event. You can also conduct surveys which can be directly emailed to the attendees/ visitors post the event. Many events require visitors to fill forms where they specify their areas of interest. Here, you curate the content according to their interests and make their experience at the event more memorable and interesting. This can prove really useful for post-event and pre-event activities.

Advantages of NFC for Visitors

Engagement and Entertainment

NFC technology indeed makes things easier for visitors of the event. It becomes easier to participate in the event activities with the help of NFC. The visitors can attend interactive activities at the event like photo booths, timeout sessions or make the most of free drinks coupons. NFC offers social media sharing where event promotions can happen through visitors that share their experiences on social media platforms.

Accessibility of Content and Event Schedule

To use NFC to its optimum, you need a system that acts like a solution for all the even related activities. For this, a mobile application is the best thing! Mobile development specialists can help you integrate interesting features that can let attendees use NFC for sharing content or accessing the schedule of a certain event. The visitors can get information on the organizers, speaker profiles etc. They can create groups in order to share live updates or also take inputs on a certain topic. This helps in increasing the interest level and excites the visitors to know more about the events and its happenings. And all of this can take place directly from their smartphones using NFC technology.

Easy Payments

NFC technology allows visitors to make digital payments. This helps them in having a more convenient journey in the event where they loyalty point system can also be integrated. Learn more here:

NFC is a technology that can really make your life easier as a event planner and also enhance the experience of the attendees. It helps you become a better event host along with the added benefits. For an event business solution, talk to our software development experts and the team of mobile app developers to know how technology can enhance your event management company. So when the event gets over, you will have accurate database, social media connections, marketing contacts, visitors behavior and preferences data and much more.

Moreover, with the help of NFC, you reduce costs greatly and also your event business becomes more efficient on the operational front. It can help you in having a new approach at event management and offering event experiences. Automate today and make the most of technology with NFC technology. We will be coming up with more interesting topics where technology can help you bring your business to the limelight, so stay tuned!

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