Best JavaScript Frameworks

Which are the Best JavaScript Frameworks for Front End Development?

The Front End Development has undergone a major transition since the new age JavaScript Development technologies have come into play. Gradually, Front End Development experts say “JavaScript Technologies are the Present & Future of Front End Development”

These technologies are robust and offer ease in development along with great user experience for huge web applications to a Front End Development Company. They are always in search of advanced frameworks to build hybrid or cross platform apps, this plethora of technologies has come to their rescue.

Best JavaScript Frameworks

In this blog, we are highlighting the top frameworks for Front End Development with JavaScript.

Angular JS

It is among the most chosen frameworks for Front End Development and is known as the futuristic framework that suits mobile development. Angular JS maintained by Google Engineers offers a seamless native app like experience. It suits not only hybrid development but also suits single page application development.

Features like two way binding process and directives makes it really easy for Front End developers to achieve complex web applications. Today, it acts like the substitute for Bootstrap3.

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Ember JS

Ember JS is known for building ambitious web applications. The development platform is integrated with templates and requires less coding, so it is hassle-free. It is exclusively built keeping developer ergonomics in mind and it avails APIs that help you work faster.  It offers fastboo.js module which enables faster DOM rendering while development.

It is based on MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel) pattern and allows developers to create scalable single page web applications.

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Ext JS

A framework by Sencha, is very useful for ERP level development. It allows developers to build data intensive applications. Most enterprise apps today select Ext JS for JavaScript development. It has the largest component library than any other JavaScript framework. To know more, talk to JavaScript Development Company.

Developers can easily build an application for any device i.e. desktop, tablet or mobile device using single codebase. Adding to the benefit, the components are designed to work with each other as it is a part of single library.

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It happens to be fairly new framework and it is the most chosen framework for modular development for single page application. The learning curve is rather steep and very flexible in nature. After Angular JS, Aurelia is among the most popular frameworks for Front End Development.

The APIs are specifically designed to be consumed by future programming languages and supports ES5, ES2015, ES2016 and Typescript which indeed offers high flexibility.


This framework in specific offers a structure to client side web applications like other Front End JavaScript framework. It offers rich web APIs for many functions and easily connects to existing API over RESTful JSON interface.

It is a MVC framework that helps JavaScript Developers to organize their code and makes sure that it is easy while reusing the code. And to top it, the framework is extremely light weight.

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Summing Up

JavaScript Frameworks are currently dominating Front End Development and the above mentioned are competing for the best place. Well, we think all the frameworks have their advantages. The selection of the best framework depends on your specific requirements. A JavaScript Development Company with experience across a number of frameworks can help in a non-biased way to select the right framework.

Our experience in JavaScript development has given us deep understanding in Angular JS, Aurelia, Backbone.js, Ember.js & Ext JS. To know which one suits your idea, talk to our experts who will help you find your JavaScript Power.

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