how do they work

Project Resources

I need additional support in a project

SwissHelios can help us with specialists in different fields: define needs, create a software strategy, propose solution concepts, write specifications, prepare mock-ups, develop web design strategy, test and maintain programs or user experience testing - just as needed. They would invoice the specific resource required for the time required as a full spectrum IT solutions provider.

What is in it for ME?

This gives us more flexibility, helping us finish programs on time and within budget or even run more projects.

Dedicated Resources

I need to extend my team, temporarily or permanently

If we need additional competence or capacity over a period of time, then SwissHelios can provide them at a cost fitting our budget and IT support.

What is in it for ME?

Their programmers stay 5 times longer than average offshore programmers. They must treat them well. If required individuals we know and who get to know us could become real virtual web development team members for long, without adding head count. They work in a creative development environment with people around to ask if required and with backups. We would be more efficient and competitive as a group, finish projects earlier and on time with the help of knowledge base IT partner.

First Steps

How would we get going in a project?

SwissHelios would work with us to really understand what we want to achieve and in what way before engaging in web design strategy or programing – thoroughly and efficiently. They are indeed innovative IT business solution provider.

What is in it for ME?

This will help us cost- and time-wise, provide some peace of mind with effective web support and have us benefit from their experience and creativity.

Project Management Approach

How would they work in a project?

SwissHelios are flexible and offer full scale digital transformation consulting. They can work with us whether we decide to go with classic “Waterfall” methods or agile ones or keep them out of project management. Their role in running projects depends on what makes most sense to reach objectives and to achieve an efficient software strategy.

What is in it for ME?

Pragmatic – we can decide on how we collaborate the way it makes most sense to us, thus reaching our objectives in the safest, fastest and most economical way possible with required web support.

Sourcing Services

Where do they source?

Off-shore, near-shore, on-shore and combinations thereof - whatever makes sense. They can your software collaboration partner.

What is in it for ME?

We would get the best of many worlds, provided by a Swiss company, based upon a Swiss agreement.

Technologies they use

their case studies

I understand they have done hundreds of applications over the past years. Let me understand how they work reading more about some of them.

SwissHelios – About Them!

SwissHelios strives to have us view them as a viable source of quality, affordable ideas and programs helping us translate ideas and tasks into results, helping us to be more efficient and effective. They are an efficiently operating, easy to deal with common sense company.

They make companies like ours more successful by helping them implement quality ideas and projects more creatively, faster and affordably than we had thought possible. They offer full-spectrum IT solutions provider.

They can help us be more successful!

But why them and not others?

They bridge the cultural and communication gap between farshore and nearshore resources and Europe, having Europeans collaborate locally with us and also having Europeans work at their major outsourcing/ software collaboration partner, as the link between us and developers. They are flexible as they can offer farshore, nearshore or even national resources. They have the experience of running many types of projects from custom web application development based projects or enterprise ecommerce projects, to full business enabling software solutions.

SwissHelios offers continuity and motivated personnel: their offshore programmers stay in average 5 times longer than usual programmers which is proof of them being treated well, of a positive company culture.
Both SwissHelios and Helios Solutions are being managed by experienced owners, committed to success and committed to our projects. They have 160 people working for them in India, offering variety of competencies and eliminating the risk of having competences depend on individuals. They can scale and take decisions faster. They are Swiss company operating under Swiss law (vs. Anglo-Saxon/ Indian) offering full scale digital transformation.

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