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How To Accelerate Your Business Growth With Enterprise Mobile App Development?

mobile app development firm

Today more and more employees are working out of the office and using mobile devices and Cloud services to accomplish business tasks. This indicates a shift in the work habits and this trend is called enterprise mobility. Well, this term not only refers to the mobility of workers and devices but also to the mobility of corporate data facilitated via Cloud services. Now, you can easily access your company’s presentation on your personal laptop to show at your client’s office.

With the rise in employees using personalized mobile devices for accessing company data, investments in enterprise mobile application development are on the rise. Our team of mobile application specialists has designed enterprise mobile apps that are aimed at enabling uniformity across different devices, networks and operating systems yet allowing employees to have intuitive mobile experience.

Types of enterprise mobile applications

There are many different types of enterprise mobile applications that are used in different organizational settings. To enable our clients to streamline their business processes we have delivered the following types of enterprise mobile applications as per their needs:

  • Content management
  • Payment processing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Order management
  • Email marketing systems
  • Customer support
  • Human resource management

Benefits of enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps have enabled to rope in the entire workforce to share ideas instantly thus paving way for greater creativity and enhanced employee engagement. You can derive many benefits from an enterprise mobile app including:

  • Bringing down company expenses by increasing employee efficiency by providing them the flexibility to work anytime and from anywhere. This leads to greater involvement of workforce in projects and thus saves time and money.
  • Improvement of customer experiences and elevates satisfaction by enabling employees to immediately respond and cater to the needs of customers in real-time.
  • Boosting of employee engagement by empowering them to constantly check in their tasks and handle them via their mobile app.
  • Acceleration of decision-making processes as involvement of core members can be facilitated without the constraint of physical location.
  • Getting an edge over competition by achieving efficiency in business processes.

Key drivers to make your enterprise mobile app a success

It is obvious that you would want to make the most out of your enterprise mobile app development investment. We at Helios are mainly focused on the following factors to drive the success of your enterprise mobile applications:

Empowered for easy adaptation to change

We understand that business executives operating in various industry verticals need an app to adapt to dynamic business environments, where change is the only constant. Therefore, we configure the apps in such a manner that you can customize them to effortlessly adapt to changing business scenarios.

Essential security architectures

Security is the most critical criteria of an enterprise mobile app and we always meet with the same with certain security architectures. This is because critical information, company reports, customer data, process details and so on are handled via the app.

Proper app update strategy

The apps are designed so that they can collect user feedback, behaviour analytics, etc. These insights must be passed on to our developers so that they can rollout improved versions of the app. Thus, you can ensure happy customers and enhance the trust of your brand.

Consistent performance irrespective of data connectivity

Your customers would love your app if it has the capability to work offline. It would not only help them remain productive regardless of data connectivity but also save the battery life of their phone. So, we always make sure to provide basic functionalities that do not rely on the internet.

To know more about enterprise mobile app development and discuss app ideas for your company, talk with our project managers.


With an enterprise mobile application, space and time cannot hinder you on your way to stay connected. Here we have mentioned a few benefits of an enterprise mobile app that can help you boost your business growth. What benefits do you want your enterprise mobile app to give? We would love to know. We are an outsourcing mobile application development agency powering the enterprise mobility of our clients for more than a decade. Do share your ideas with us.

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