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Software Development Evolution: From Waterfall To Agile To DevOps

In the wave of new age technologies, the technology industry is witnessing new tools and methods of Software Development in order to have faster and better quality of development. There are not just many tools for software developers but there are new development methodologies for software development experts to explore areas of software development processes.

Software Development Solutions

Among these processes, DevOps is the next big thing in the IT industry. More Software Developers are now choosing DevOps and IT Companies are also training their resources with DevOps management. It is in fact reducing the gap between Services of Software Development and the IT Solutions that are used for enterprises or businesses.

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Before DevOps, the IT industry was going gaga about Agile Methodology where it was considered something better and improved than Waterfall Methodology. This actually has businesses invest in Agile Development and revamp their operations for agile flow of development process. But somewhere it was falling on its face as it could not push the product or solution release. It was failing to deliver solutions in time. So many Software Development Teams and IT companies were left disappointed after adopting this methodology.

But now, DevOps came to rescue. This does not mean that Agile Development is gone for good. There are many areas where Agile Development still proves to be very efficient and delivers results that has already enables some of the best software solutions. Agile is very close to the Waterfall Methodology but it was more contemporary in nature and easier to adept.

Agile Methodology & Its Challenges

Technical Costs are Postponed

This has led to increase in technical debt for many IT companies or businesses. And eventually when new modules were added to the Agile development, it led to many bugs and fixing those bugs become an expensive deal.

Agile Processes will be enough

The Agile process would not offer flexibility and adaptability and it needs to be more flexible in that context.

Logical System Design

The system built with Agile Methodology made functionality more complex whenever a new functionality was added with refactoring process.

The assumptions of Agile Methodology failed to deliver quality solutions where planning, development and integration were a part of waterfall method.

The Constitutional Evolution – DevOps in IT Industry

It is evident that Agile and DevOps are looking at achieving the similar outcome in IT Software Development. And despite the similar characteristics, DevOps is going to take some time to make a difference in the market and deliver agility. But, this is how the market with adept to the software development approach where it is slowly undergoing a radical transformation from Agile Methodology to DevOps today.

DevOps encourages the developers to optimize the development process and introduces agility. The production ready code with Ops helps in processing the testing, deployment, management and prevents backlogs and delays in the development environment. Indeed, it is a more evolved methodology. Devops addresses the approach the disrupt between Developers and Deployment teams by helping them interact and deliver services efficiently in the interest of the value chain where it also considers the end user’s feedback and user experience. So that it can keep on improving the service quality in the coming phases of development.

DevOps at SwissHelios

We are successfully implementing Software Development Projects with the help of DevOps and slowly moving from Agile Methodology. We are also helping businesses understand its importance and we see more businesses are now selecting DevOps for their Software projects. DevOps stresses on effective and result oriented collaboration and the handles the cultural shift in the most efficient ways. Although implementing DevOps in large enterprises can be challenging considered the drastic transformation and fears that come with it. But, with Outsource Software Development Experts and our experience in Enterprise Development will help in smooth transformation.

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