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The Ultimate Mix: Agile Development With DevOps For Building System Interaction

Gone are the days when a company’s IT infrastructure required a software system. It is the time of something more advanced that enhances the performance and optimizes work processes. This is where the Agile Development is enabling businesses to improve. Businesses are leaving the software legacy and moving to new age technologies that is DevOps and Agile Methodology of development.

software development solutions

Also, this trend is setting standards as most of the software systems are out-dated now. Their functionalities have also grown old and they are not that user friendly anymore. These systems have old UI design and thus they need some revamp or replacement altogether. Also, there are interfaces that are overloaded with technology platforms that may be really old. This has also led to frustrated users.

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This is where these intelligent systems are playing an important role. These intelligence systems include analysing, tracking, support and much more. The software depends on the existence of providers. We see a gradual change taking place as buyers are now moving toward outsource software development specialist who offer quick services and keep up with the fast changing trends of the technology industry.

Is the IT Transformation Easy?

Yes, because these are old system, there may be a lot of data in these systems. So transforming the IT infrastructure can be challenging. When a business’s IT infrastructure intends to go through a major change like changing their system, than it is big risk. As, behind a software system, there goes a lot of development work, years of work, maintenance, continuous revenue to the third party providers etc. comes with guidelines and specifications. It can take a long duration to undergo this transformation and move to this suggested mix of new intelligent software systems. To take this transformation, we suggest consulting Software Development Experts. Expert guidance can help you curb down the risk and make the right decisions for undertaking this process.

Signs Your System Needs a ‘CHANGE’

  • Other competitive systems existing in the market
  • Pressure on price (decreasing)
  • Short contract periods
  • Fear of losing big customer to a service provider

Mix of Agile Development & DevOps

DevOps has the power to optimize the process of software solution delivery. It leads to the following benefits:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • New Business Growth
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Improved Quality of Software Development

As the trend of using this blend is increasing, it has started to gain traction. This has led to good segregation in IT projectmanagement, development, deployment and support, offering a more seamless way of delivery process. This has hugely helped the IT industry in delivering high quality solutions. With the help of this ultimate mix, IT companies are indulging in best practices in software development where they are using the best of the tools for communication and merging DevOps and Agile continuous integration kind of projects. It becomes easier to expand the team and make the most of the IT resources.

Action Plan to Optimize Use of DevOps and Agile Development

  • Start with using customer centric metrics
  • Try to address the skill or resource gaps
  • Give attention to problems regarding development environment, culture and other resource related issues.
  • Incorporate DevOps carefully in the environment. Start with awareness programs and provide support.
  • Don’t neglect security. Ensure that security is tight outside and inside.

Summing Up

The Software Development teams across the world are slowly and gradually considering moving to the new age methodologies like Agile Development where DevOps is the most chosen in the blend of methodologies. Also, there is a great demand for change in the way IT companies and their teams function. And here this ultimate blend is said to have shown the best results. This has not only led to high quality of software solutions but also led to a very improved way of processing requirements and coming up with innovative ways of implementing solutions, adding to the know-how of the developer and programmers.

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