Mind Blowing Things You Must Know About Google I/O 2017

We all could not wait to know what Google I/O has for us tech enthusiasts this year! And turns out, there are few very interesting announcements that we will be witnessing in the year 2017. For the technology industry, the technology leaders predicted that this year is said to be grand for innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality & Internet of Things.

And this Google I/O has proved them right! Let’s explore the top announcements made at the Google I/O this year that you must know as a tech enthusiast or a geek.

High End Standalone Daydream VR Headsets

To make our fantasy a reality, Google has teamed up with Qualcomm to build a standalone Daydream virtual reality headset. The good news! – You don’t have to dock your smartphone into the headset to enjoy this experience. It will bring vital features that include a display and processor along with the positional tracking. The company will be partnering with HTC and Lenovo for introducing this VR Headset. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this will be out!

Defining Communication with Google Lens in Google Assistant

Yes, we were expecting the digital assistants to get better! And there we go, the Google Assistants are improving with time where at the Google I/O, Mr. Sundar Pichai announced that blew our minds. Google is the first ever company to introduce Artificial Intelligence to a Smartphone Camera.  The Google Assistant will now have Google Lens! The Google Assistant will study the environment and then show relevant content to the user. The user can aim at the object and learn about it where the lens will identify the object and showcase related information about it.  It will indeed improve the experience with a digital assistant. This article of AI might interest you:

Making Life Simpler with Google Home

There is a great advantage when you can control your home! That sounds twisted. Well, Google has taken Home Automation to a whole new level. Google has introduced a smart speaker into the phone. With the help of this speaker, the user will be able to make free calls. The service will use a private number to enable this feature in the phone. The call will have other interesting features like multi-users and the outgoing calls will be made available at the launch.

Major Upgrade in Google Photos

We are so impressed with the upgrade in Google Photos. There is a need to have a much evolved way of saving and working with pictures in this photo centric social media world. The app will recommend a photo that the users can share which is called as Suggested Sharing Feature by Google. There are other features like Shared Libraries, control in sharing your photo library with date and content filters.  It has all come down to good pictures. Yes, we have new improved Google Photos.

Do you still wish to have a photo book with all your memories in print? You can actually order for a Book of pictures that will stay with you until you die. An amazing way to save memories isn’t it! These books can be created on your smartphone and Google will also recommend books to the users.

Our Developer’s Take:

“I am really impressed with Android O update, the picture –in – picture functionality is really good. The notifications with the ‘dot’ to notify pending notifications in app with a quick view is again very user friendly. Other features like emoji compatibility, downloadable fonts, fonts in XML, Multi-display support and adaptive icons are going to add to the overall user experience. Android Experience will now be seen in new highlights.” Yash Parikh Android Developer.

Our Review!

We think Google I/O was promising this year and has left us awestruck but we will look forward to use these gadgets and services very soon. Our Android Developers seem very glad of the new official language for Android OAndroid development experts at SwissHelios are all ready to experiment with the same. We loved the Google Assistant with AI technology has it offers greater scope for software development and thereby software solutions. Our team working on AI is looking forward to its launch. Most of the dates for launch were not disclosed which was disappointing as we were left with ‘Coming Soon’ ideas. We will be reviewing Android O for the Android developers soon. Stay tuned!

Let us know what you think of the Google I/O announcements, tell us which is the most interesting innovation for you? We would love to hear from you. Hope this was a fun read, keep exploring!

Original Source: Helios Solutions

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