Web Development

I could get from them


The experienced resources we need to make our website more attractive, our eCommerce site sell more. Their experience in customer web application consulting and development could provide us with the ideas we need to pull the trigger and then convert the ideas into reality.

They are very open when it comes to collaboration: we could still use our designer or web design agency and they would do the programming or engage with a designer here or run the project ‘turn-key-style’, collaborating with us.

Let me think!
We have multiple areas where we could start engaging with them:

  • Backlog Projects: We could respond faster and competitively to demand from external customers, internal customer respectively.
  • Social Media: Get more involved in Social Media, thus reaching our web KPI such as sales faster and safer.
  • Interactive Website: Make our pages more interactive, more lively to have visitors stay longer and take action.
  • Shop Administration:  Make the handling of our shop easier, making us more flexible to adapt to special sales or stock situations thus reaching margin and revenue targets more safely and being more efficient.
  • Cloud: Move applications we have locally into the web, onto an internal or external cloud environment.
  • … And, wasn’t’ there something else?


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