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Angular Vs. Vue.Js: Which Is The Best For Your Project Needs?

The web development space has witnessed dramatic changes over the years. The JavaScript ecosystem, especially, has been truly volatile with new JavaScript frameworks being introduced almost every month. The existing ones are updated quite often, thanks to the community striving hard to constantly enrich them. Even though JS realm has been very vibrant with all the amazing diversity, it has greeted many with high degree of confusion.

web development solutions


The evolving JS landscape

So, when you come to an idea for a JavaScript-based web application development project, you are confused which framework would boost your ability and best suit your project’s requirement. Being an Angular web development company, we have always exceeded client satisfaction by delivering ambitious and competitive web apps within the required timeframe. Today we are considering a serious contender, Vue.js that has done exceptionally well in a limited period of time.

Angular vs. Vue.js

Although Angular is a very mature framework and Vue.js is a newbie, yet it has managed to gain popularity in a very short period of time, we bring you a brief comparison between both the JS frameworks:

  • DOM: Vue.js has Virtual DOM just like React which enables a simpler programming model and thus provides better performance. Angular, on the other hand, manipulates DOM in a cross-browser compatible manner.
  • Learning curve: Being a dependency injection framework, Angular enables effective UI programming and it is a bit complex to learn. Vue.js, contrarily, is very easy to learn and all you need to do is read some tutorial on the documentation section and get started.
  • Speed: Vue.js wins over Angular when speed is considered as the former has a very light weight library.
  • Performance: Both the frameworks support two-way binding but Vue.js becomes simpler to optimize as it doesn’t inflict dirty checking.
  • Usage: Angular is an opinionated solution and imposes several structuring implications and makes you do it the Angular way. Whereas, Vue.js allows you to structure your application the way you want it to be.

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Final words!

Every framework comes with its own strengths and weaknesses; hence, finding the best one truly depends upon your project needs and your experience as a developer. Which JS framework you found exciting to work with? We would love to know about your favourite framework. Angular is a much evolved framework and has a lot of tools right out of the box. As a business owner, you need an application that serves your current needs, scales to address your future needs effectively and enables you to stay relevant and competitive in your industry. Vue.js is very lightweight and easy to learn and lets you create application your way. Now, the decision depends on the needs of your project. Reach out to our team of Angular experts with your project needs and stay assured of an informed and cost-effective solution.

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