PHP – The Evergreen Technology

Wondering whether to select PHP language for the upcoming software development project? It may be considered as a bad scripting language. But biggest of the online portals are PHP based. Here’s Why?

Many online businesses under conversational commerce like Slack or Social Network biggies like Facebook and other big names like WordPress, Baidu and even Wikipedia has used PHP for their web solutions. The history has it that PHP has been the most important language in software development industry. Brands like Slack use PHP for its server side application logic.

Web Development Solutions

Among the most used scripting languages, PHP has been the evergreen technology that has helped many solutions realizes it’s potential. PHP is a scripting language that has powerful tool for dynamic software and web development. It is one of the most widely used coding languages across the globe. It offers easy programming where the ecosystem and solutions around PHP have matured to make it stronger contender for driving standardization with corporate IT.

PHP Features:

  • Supports development using other frameworks
  • Frequent updates enable bettering development
  • Convenient to develop, maintain and deploy
  • Different open source CMS available with run on LAMP servers

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The Merits of PHP


PHP comes with a limitation of a web request running in a single PHP thread. This has acted like a silly limitation. But this is not really a limitation, this actually provides with concurrency. The program executes in the context of a web server where a nature resource of web requests is available. When a software developer blends into the localhost, it provides a secure way of copy-in or copy-out. This is a more protected way than locks and shared state approached that other general purpose languages offer.

State of Development

Like any other language, here also web request begins with an empty state. Only the functions and classes provide primitive functionality and life support but the namespaces and globals are uninitialized. If we start each request from a known state then we get organic error isolation in most cases. So, it x request faces a software error than the it fails, then this bug will not directly impact the interface. One needs to understand that the state remains in the system clutter and thus it is possible to tangle the database or the file system. It shares the vulnerabilities of the development environments that offer persistence. Also, isolation request from one another reduces cost the system defects.

The Environment Workflow

Just because PHP operates at a request level, the workflow in PHP is faster and more efficient in comparison to the other scripting languages. Also, it stays as it is even when the application changes. According to the PHP Development experts, they have buffer initiation time when they do not rest state for each request. Here, the main event loop shares the program level state with the request and thus they get this buffer time. Generally, Outsourcing PHP Development Company select PHP as general purpose language.

PHP is Developer’s Favorite!

Many say that PHP is not a great general purpose language; the it is very evident that many solutions cannot think about Software Development without PHP Language. Turns out that its reputation is only poor but as a scripting language it is rocking the technology industry and offering solutions that are enabling the best of the software applications. In isolation, PHP is a great language and an underestimated one. It offers extremely convenient workflow and suits small, medium and large software projects. The advantages let software development specialists build solutions that are low in cost and secured in concurrency. The programming language may have a few faults but overall PHP has been Evergreen technology to the Information and Technology industry.

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