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Is your website telling you it needs a new look? These fast times require brands to stay updated and keep up to the latest trends of brand building. This is one challenge which is general for business in the current times.  And web design is one of important aspects of brand building in this era of virtual businesses known as ‘The Digital Era”.

Another challenge that is being encountered is to be able to stand out and not sound outdated. Because these trends are changing so fast due to the rapid pace of new innovations, it becomes difficult for businesses to look and sound good at all times. So what is that you can do? What is that you need? Of course you don’t want to look or sound outdated in front of your target audience!

Practically, you need a website that looks and sounds in line with the new trends and also acts like a long term solution. As a web design and development agency, we have an experience of more than 11 years in web development and now we are in a place to conceptualize a website strategy that works for you no matter what! Let’s take a look at this thought after website strategy by our web development experts at SwissHelios – Partner for End to End Software Solutions.


5 Steps of Website Redesign Strategy by Web Development Experts

1.    Reasons for Redesigning Existing Website

It is very important to start with this question “Why are you doing this in the first place?” Answering this question will define your purpose of website redesigning. Yes, the purpose of redesign will clarify your goals that you need to achieve with this plan. This is the first part of your strategy that will highlight the problem areas. Make a list of all the new things that you wish to have in your new website like the call to actions, survey or any element that can act like a driving force for your business which was not there until now.

Once you have the reasons in place, you can then identify the aspects that need your attention or incorporated in the redesign. List these things as a part of your approach to the web design and its content. Communicate this to your web developer and web design team, content writers in order to get your desired results.

2.    Smart Web Development Agency

Once you have defined your purpose, you must hunt for the web development agency that can help you make the selection of framework for web development and also suggest features that work in the interest of your web redesign. You must consider experience, skills and their work before your finalize on one. Of course, ask for similar projects and check thoroughly. Convey your budgetary constraints or ideas clearly, enter an agreement and yes, don’t forget to keep it all in emails. Get in touch with our web development specialists for website redesigning in a strategic manner.

3.    Selection of Technology/ Framework

Yes, many of us don’t understand the technology jargons, and deciding on the framework can be challenging and one of the most crucial decisions. The selection of your framework needs to be done carefully as the functionalities and dependency is at stake. Also, the online world has many factors that will require smart selection of technology framework for a new website. Web design is our forte, we can help you select the right framework suiting your business type and needs!

This is indeed one of the major steps of your web development strategy. For instance, we all are aware that today WordPress dominates as the Content Management System framework but it may not necessarily suit your business type. You must then understand that your business requires a different framework which takes the important aspects of your business into consideration.

4.    Web Design & Content that WORKS!

Well, everything might go down the drain if you are unable to have a good web design and thought provoking content for the same. Both of these aspects in redesigning a website are equally important. You may have the best of the developers or the best concept for the redesign but it will not reach its true colors if you do not pay attention to these aspects.

Make sure you get the best of the content and web design through brainstorming sessions and by visiting competitors’ websites to keep a tab on what they are doing. This will also highlight how you can stand out and be different from the rest in the game.

5.    Concept is Important

Lastly, we would like to tell you that it is important to start with a concept before you redesign the website. A concept will give your website the weight that will further bring the other elements of the website together. A concept allows generalizations and helps in foreseeing the outcome. It also offers more depth to your approach. A web redesign project without a concept is like a boat sailing without an oar; your process may fall on its face or fail to deliver the desired outcome without a concept. Get your team together, conceptualize or ask your development team to help your conceptualize the website idea!

As a full circle software development agency, we can understand what it takes to achieve a website that strikes a balance between concept, design, content and development. Our habit of using a strategic approach has helped many businesses across the globe in successfully redesigning their website and optimizing their businesses through online resources. Let us know, if you are tired of being that outdated website in the black hole of the online world.

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