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5 Tips To Enhance User Engagement By Adding Human Faces In Web Design

Imagine you are amidst strangers in a foreign land and you catch a glimpse of your fellow countrymen; how do you feel? Even though you don’t know them personally, don’t you feel comfortable and reassured? This is due to a psychological phenomenon called mere-exposure effect which cites that we “tend to develop a preference for things merely because we are familiar with them.”

web design and development

By leveraging this “familiarity principle”, our team of web design specialists has crafted some UX design strategies by adding human faces in web design. Let us see how human faces affect user experience and enable you to engage your site visitors in a better way:

1) Grab your visitor’s attention

While you can catch your visitor’s attention with anything that is appealing, you may wonder why add human faces then? The straightforward fact is that it adds a personal touch to your otherwise hardcoded website. Being social creatures, it is our natural tendency to enjoy social settings. Hence, your audience would love to stay longer on your site with big human faces.

2) Use images in a purposeful way

Congrats, you have successfully seized your visitors’ attention! Now what’s next? Remember if you do not use images sensibly, you may even distract your visitors from the task you want them to do at your site. Therefore, try to use images that would trigger the curiosity of your visitors. As human faces guide their line of sight, they would be actually focusing on the content of your site without even being aware of doing so and convincingly perform the desired action.

3) Strike the emotional cord

Emotional expressions such as smiling, crying, worrying, etc. defy cultural barriers and are universally understood. Therefore, no matter which part of the globe your target niche belongs to, you can always engage them effectively with human faces carrying emotions.  You can describe your product with a photograph of someone with expressions while using your product rather than a lengthy textual description.

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4) Help them connect and relate

Enable your audience to relate with your product or service and it could be done in many different ways. When we come across a personal topic or familiar situations we usually feel understood. Your target audience is no exception! If you are designing a website for healthcare then try to bring faces of people along with testimonials so that the target audience can easily connect with your website and have a feeling of trust.

5) Establish trust

Trust is the key to building a loyal customer base in any business. In the virtual realm, if your customers know whom they are interacting with or sharing their information with, they would have better idea for taking the relationship further. Therefore, we have displayed real images of our project managers in our contact us page.


Being an outsourcing web design company we have been creating amazing user experiences by incorporating these aforementioned UX design tips in our website designs. Would you like to try these out in your website? If you have new design ideas, please do not forget to share it with us.

Original Source: Helios Solutions

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