Helping Montreux Jazz Conquer the Ecommerce Frontier


Shopping Montreux Jazz Merchandize just got interesting! Yes, MJF recently launched their newly revived webshop for their music and merchandise lovers. From music CDs, posters and collections to the latest in textiles and accessories, you can find them all at Montreux Jazz Shop.

Montreux Jazz Shop needed to look and feel new and offer a better experience to their customers and the music community. The number of customers around the globe had grown over the period of time and as a brand, they wanted to meet the expectations of their customers with user friendly web browsing experiences. The webshop required the support of the latest in technology and a convenient backend according to the new standards of eCommerce sites.

SwissHelios redesigned and redeveloped in order to integrate the best in the backend of the webshop. We enabled the Montreux Jazz Shop with latest technology and an easy to use backend using Magento Ecommerce Framework. The webshop now offers convenient in management of orders, handling of shipments and transactions.

We are glad that the webshop has been successfully implemented and offers a seamless user experience. We hope to contribute by continuing to offer maintenance and support for the webshop.

If you are feeling your website needs a tech boost, you can always know more from us. We can help you achieve the best in the minimum efforts.

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